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Management company DOMUS správa nemovitostí spol. s r.o. manages all properties in our portfolio


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About us 

J F Hamilton Real Estate was established in 2006 solely for the purpose of consolidating the investments in real estate made in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic for a reputable French family, which is involved in many businesses all over the world and amongst other for over 30 years in real estate projects.


At present J F Hamilton Real Estate owns in the Czech Republic 8 residential and 4 commercial buildings in Prague, 4 residential buildings in Pilsen, 2 residential buildings in Jihlava and 2 commercial and 1 residential building in Pisek, representing 35.500 sqm.


J F Hamilton Real Estate is currently finalizing the acquisition of 8 buildings as follows: 4 office buildings in Prague, 1 residential building in Písek, 1 residential building in Pilsen, 1 commercial building and 1 residential building in Bratislava. These new buildings will represent an additional 76.400 sqm.


The main strategy of the J F Hamilton Real Estate is to acquire, renovate and rent buildings with long term investment view, privileging quality over shor-term return.

J F Hamilton Real Estate is implementing these goals by following steps:


a/ We are focusing on acquisitions of interesting buildings with historical features in city centers and immediate surroundings. We prefer buildings in an un-renovated state in order to avoid poor quality renovations usually made by short-term investors;


b/ Renovation of our buildings is based on high demands on quality of works, materials and equipment. We also effort to conserve as much as possible of the specific original features of the buildings, by which means we keep their genuineness and withal we also increase their utility value.


c/ About our buildings cares property management company DOMUS správa nemovitostí spol. s r.o., which since 1996 has combined his proven international business experience with extensive knowledge of local conditions.

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